Updates & Love Parties!

Updates! & Love Parties!

We returned to school in January and had may days packed full of fun. We got back into the swing of things and learned about Scotland. We had Mr. David come dressed in his kilt and he played his canter. The kids loved it! Image

In January we studied Michelangelo and carved David in soap. The soap smelled great and the kids got a chance to work on improving their fine motor skills. We have three classes and it is always a treat to see how skilled our children are and how much growth occurs between ages 3-5. 



The kids also a got a chance to experience painting on a scalpel.They colored under the tables. Usually we tell the kids to get out from under the table but this time they stayed under the table for entire class period.



We had two snow day in January a rare occurrence in Houston. We missed school and we where glad when thing returned to normal.

We had a great month with fun filled days and we moved right into February with ease.

We had out Love Parties! We worked on a song for our parents. Ms. Chelsea wrote the words to this song because she could not find a song special enough for our wonderful parents.

The kids made monster to eat all of their valentines!


Everyone got to eat ICE CREAM sundaes! Yummy! Yummy! All of us where over loaded with candy. We had parents show us with treats and flowers. We are so very grateful to have such a wonderful community to support us.


We will keep you posted on the fun we have planned for March!


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