Service Work: Being a member of a community!

We had started a new tradition at the preschool. Being that KVPAC is a community we feel that our students have a responsibility to give back. We had a food drive in November for KCM/Food back. Our students brought in canned goods and non- items. In December the children helped Ms. Jennifer create blankets for the families at the Fort Bend women’s shelter. In February the kids made valentines cards for the kid at Texas Children’s West Campus Facility. I think our harder task as parents and educators is to create a sense of community. We all need to support and nurture our community. This is our effort to support and give back. We also want our students to understand what it means to share what a great lesson in sharing.





Leah Ms. Jennifer’s daughter dropping off the cards to the hospital



In December the students helped Ms. Jennifer put together fleece blankets for the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter.


Ms. Jennifer and her daughters dropped the blankets off to the center.




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