We have been busy at KVPAC! October has been a whirl wind of fun times. We have our pumpkin parties and we had pizza and treats! Our parents had a chance to visit. The teacher’s dressed up in costumes and our kids got to showcase their costumes. We had a blast! Here our some pictures of the party!


Pumpkin Bowling

521698_188381111350371_1828788262_nA creepy crawler!

We have so many wonderful parents come to help our for the pumpkin parties! They ran stations for the teachers and their kids got a chance to run in the storybook from station to station. We had a pumpkin walk, a wrap your Mummy station, face painting, bean bag toss, dig for the lucky bone.


Wrap a Mummy! Thanks Brandy!

Ms. Lisa & Ms. Chelsea got into the true spirit2546_188381208017028_1805042376_n of our parties! They dressed up as you guessed it a Skunk and  Pirate.  M249107_188381178017031_454950195_ns. Chelsea & Ms. Lisa has a grand time parting with our kids.






We had a great time during our Pumpkin Parties! We hope next year will be a blast!

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