September 2013



kvpac13-14 107


This month we studied the 5 senses! This picture is from the 5 senses song Ms. Chelsea taught the kids. They loved learning what the nose does and how we use our eyes to see color. We had a group activity for Thinking Thursday and Fun Friday in which the kids rotated between the 5 senses stations. They got to taste, smell, hear, touch, and see. Everyone had a great time learning about our bodies. 5 Sense Song

kvpac13-14 095

A 5 Senses Station!


Ms. Chelsea focused on educating the kids on Beethoven the composer of the month!



In September we also learned about Picasso and played with clay! We had the chance to paint on aluminium foil which produced amazing pieces of art for display at the end of the semester.

1209159_173084836213332_1922822550_n 1380228_175589042629578_1107133878_n


In theatre with Ms. Kimberly we had a birthday party! We learned about B for Bear! Worked on our gross motor skills with an obstacle course.

1294285_174076289447520_408735302_oHaving our Birthday Party! Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Lindy both celebrate their birthday’s in September.


555599_173372096184606_608035088_nObstacle Course


B for BEAR!!

During Academics we worked on Letter Activities in a variety of way!!

1375637_174825169372632_517292490_n 1375645_174825269372622_1429023563_n 1231101_173644399490709_2087066326_n

Ruddy the Rectangle was the Shape of the Month and everyone got to make him sing.


We had a great month and we are so excited to enter the holiday season with our kids and introduce them to new letters, numbers, and shapes!

Thanks Friends!!

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