Service Work: Being a member of a community!

We had started a new tradition at the preschool. Being that KVPAC is a community we feel that our students have a responsibility to give back. We had a food drive in November for KCM/Food back. Our students brought in canned goods and non- items. In December the children helped Ms. Jennifer create blankets for the families at the Fort Bend women’s shelter. In February the kids made valentines cards for the kid at Texas Children’s West Campus Facility. I think our harder task as parents and educators is to create a sense of community. We all need to support and nurture our community. This is our effort to support and give back. We also want our students to understand what it means to share what a great lesson in sharing.





Leah Ms. Jennifer’s daughter dropping off the cards to the hospital



In December the students helped Ms. Jennifer put together fleece blankets for the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter.


Ms. Jennifer and her daughters dropped the blankets off to the center.




Preschool Fair 2014

The preschool hosted a preschool fair in January we opened the event to other schools and local kid-friendly vendors in our area. It was great meeting other people in our community. We had several moms who own businesses that attended it was great to see our parents supporting the school.


This was the cutest flyer! Mr. Patrick put together an adorable way to get the word about the preschool fair. Next time we hope more people will come to the event and we will additional school and vendors.


Ms. Cathy (David’s Mom) and her treats! She is a commercial baker. Her bread is the best!



Sarah (Brody’s Mom) She makes bows. Some awesome designs!


We had our princess come to our preschool fair. We have a party planning division called Celebrations. Celebrations brings the party to you or creates a party for you. The kids loved having princess and fairies to play and the cow can with her princess gear. We love chick-fil-a!


People mingling and getting information from local vendors. We love our community!


Macaroni Kid Katy was here making bracelets with our friends! Terra another one of our parents (mom to Reese H.)


Vivi Melody and her parents. She is doing Mommy & Me with La Centerra in 2014. She entertained the kids and did some amazing butterfly crafts.


Fitzsimmons Photography you can see the cute baby pictures on her table.


Starla from Primerose Schools! They have great curriculum and great enrichment for children who need all day care.


The Dentist!…Check out those teeth!


Ms. Jennifer (Leah’s Mom) also our Art teacher with her toys!


Avon! They have awesome kid bath products.




31 Bags…Ann ( Pierce’s & Thomas Mom’s business/former students) 31 has amazing bags for every occasion.


The Cow! Who does not love chick-fil-a!

We had a great time getting to know our vendors and visitors!

Updates & Love Parties!

Updates! & Love Parties!

We returned to school in January and had may days packed full of fun. We got back into the swing of things and learned about Scotland. We had Mr. David come dressed in his kilt and he played his canter. The kids loved it! Image

In January we studied Michelangelo and carved David in soap. The soap smelled great and the kids got a chance to work on improving their fine motor skills. We have three classes and it is always a treat to see how skilled our children are and how much growth occurs between ages 3-5. 



The kids also a got a chance to experience painting on a scalpel.They colored under the tables. Usually we tell the kids to get out from under the table but this time they stayed under the table for entire class period.



We had two snow day in January a rare occurrence in Houston. We missed school and we where glad when thing returned to normal.

We had a great month with fun filled days and we moved right into February with ease.

We had out Love Parties! We worked on a song for our parents. Ms. Chelsea wrote the words to this song because she could not find a song special enough for our wonderful parents.

The kids made monster to eat all of their valentines!


Everyone got to eat ICE CREAM sundaes! Yummy! Yummy! All of us where over loaded with candy. We had parents show us with treats and flowers. We are so very grateful to have such a wonderful community to support us.


We will keep you posted on the fun we have planned for March!


A month a Thanks……and so much more

November is a month of thanks for us at KVPAC. We had a very competitive food drive. The secondary classroom pulled took the prize at the end of week. With over 200 donated items.  All the classroom had over 100 donated items for the food drive. I mentioned in a previous entry that we are blessed with amazing parents.  We had a thankful snack and Ms. Jennifer created paper bag turkey’s stuffed with popcorn. The kids asked for second’s on everything!!!


20131125_114901 20131122_094716 20131122_101229 20131122_102149


We have been busy at KVPAC! October has been a whirl wind of fun times. We have our pumpkin parties and we had pizza and treats! Our parents had a chance to visit. The teacher’s dressed up in costumes and our kids got to showcase their costumes. We had a blast! Here our some pictures of the party!


Pumpkin Bowling

521698_188381111350371_1828788262_nA creepy crawler!

We have so many wonderful parents come to help our for the pumpkin parties! They ran stations for the teachers and their kids got a chance to run in the storybook from station to station. We had a pumpkin walk, a wrap your Mummy station, face painting, bean bag toss, dig for the lucky bone.


Wrap a Mummy! Thanks Brandy!

Ms. Lisa & Ms. Chelsea got into the true spirit2546_188381208017028_1805042376_n of our parties! They dressed up as you guessed it a Skunk and  Pirate.  M249107_188381178017031_454950195_ns. Chelsea & Ms. Lisa has a grand time parting with our kids.






We had a great time during our Pumpkin Parties! We hope next year will be a blast!

September 2013



kvpac13-14 107


This month we studied the 5 senses! This picture is from the 5 senses song Ms. Chelsea taught the kids. They loved learning what the nose does and how we use our eyes to see color. We had a group activity for Thinking Thursday and Fun Friday in which the kids rotated between the 5 senses stations. They got to taste, smell, hear, touch, and see. Everyone had a great time learning about our bodies. 5 Sense Song

kvpac13-14 095

A 5 Senses Station!


Ms. Chelsea focused on educating the kids on Beethoven the composer of the month!



In September we also learned about Picasso and played with clay! We had the chance to paint on aluminium foil which produced amazing pieces of art for display at the end of the semester.

1209159_173084836213332_1922822550_n 1380228_175589042629578_1107133878_n


In theatre with Ms. Kimberly we had a birthday party! We learned about B for Bear! Worked on our gross motor skills with an obstacle course.

1294285_174076289447520_408735302_oHaving our Birthday Party! Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Lindy both celebrate their birthday’s in September.


555599_173372096184606_608035088_nObstacle Course


B for BEAR!!

During Academics we worked on Letter Activities in a variety of way!!

1375637_174825169372632_517292490_n 1375645_174825269372622_1429023563_n 1231101_173644399490709_2087066326_n

Ruddy the Rectangle was the Shape of the Month and everyone got to make him sing.


We had a great month and we are so excited to enter the holiday season with our kids and introduce them to new letters, numbers, and shapes!

Thanks Friends!!

Ready for Rainbows!


        The first day of school is Monday and the excitement of getting a semester started is overwhelming. We had many changes occur during 2012/2013 but we pushed forward finishing the year off strong. We miss our dear friends who have moved on to bigger horizons. We wish them well on their next journey. But, last week the teachers and I had serious work days. We painted all the classrooms. We are a non-profit preschool which means funds are minimal  so we used our left over paint from the Theater department to create these colors.


Beginner Classroom!

Beginner Classrooom is for ages 3 turning fall four in the fall. It is for our littlest budding artists!


The Primary Classroom!

The Primary Classroom is our hybrid class which is for ages 4 turning 5 in Spring and moving on Kindergarten or staying at KVPAC another year.

The Secondary Classroom is for ages 4 turning 5 fall and for kids that miss the deadline for kindergarten.

The Secondary Classroom!

The Secondary Classroom!

I worked on our workroom getting everything organized. I’m still not finished it always a work in progress. But, I feel caught up and ready to start on Monday. We have done most of the physical improvements to the interior of the school but the exterior to be continued!! But, we are Ready for those Rainbows!